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Action RV Service & Collision

Action RV is located in Conroe off I-45 North minutes from Houston, TX.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can be caught up in all types of “catastrophic events”: Acts of Mother Nature; wind, hail, hurricanes, tornados and freezing. Our collision center is second to none. Action RV's attention to detail has the ability to match & blend colors to your coach as if it rolled off the showroom floor.

Have no fear, no matter if you have a weather instigated problem or a backing up boo boo- we have you covered. Action RV Collision Center will have you driving the road in style again.

Top Features Of Our Collision / Paint & Body Department:

  • Full Service Fiberglass & Paint Department, complete with a 60' Paint Booth
  • Compartment Door Repair and Replacement
  • Fiberglass and aluminum panel repairs and replacement
  • OEM paint matching
  • RV decal replacement
  • Custom paint repairs
  • Front-end mask replacement
  • Full body paint

Our Paint & Body Collision Repair expert has a total of 40 years experience in this field. He has spent the last 25 years of his career in the RV industry and has been Fleetwood Factory Certified

Action RV Service Center has a Collision Department that can do any size job including refabrication.

Action RV fixes your RV due to Water Damage, Collision or Lives little mishaps.

We are a full service Collision Center

Action RV of Conroe Texas will provide you with the best estimate possible. We understand that when any type of damage occurs to someone’s RV, the incident has already been upsetting and stressful enough. We, in no way, have any intention of making matters worse by giving unrealistic estimates or completion timeframes. Action RV Conroe has learned from experience that with collision repair, it is impossible to formulate an honest and accurate estimate over the phone or from pictures. It is our policy, after inspection of the RV, to give our most truthful estimate upfront and not lead our customers down a primrose path, only to supplement the original estimate with outrageous additional costs. That is not to say, that there might not still be hidden damage that cannot be seen until the repairs are actually started.


It is our goal to keep the customer informed and not present them with an “over-estimate” invoice upon completion of the repairs.

Repairing an RV is not like repairing a car. A lot of parts are hard to find and new parts may not even be available depending on the year and manufacturer of the RV. We have found that, at times, the only way to restore certain parts, like compartment doors or panels is to repair them.

This takes additional time. However, our customers can rest assured, we will do our utmost to perform the best repair possible with an optimum outcome, taking the final cost into consideration. Painting an RV is also not like painting a car. It is a very tedious “art”. Most of the designs are painted on, not decals, and each one of those designs has to be taped off and painted separately. Matching paint is a true skill. It is next to impossible to find a coach that has the absolute correct and true paint codes from the manufacturer. The original paint codes do not take into consideration “sun fade” which entails an additional “blending” process. And, at the end of the day, a lot of the work is performed on a 10-foot ladder. All of this being said, you will be treated fairly and we will provide our best possible completed product.



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