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Onan Generator Service

Generator Installation & Service including Onan Certified Service Center

Onan Generator Services from Action RV Conroe, Texas.

When it comes to power, RV owners want reliability and quiet operation above all else. The owners of Action RV Conroe Service Center understand that as RV owners themselves. When traveling, your generator is your greatest source of power. It needs to work when you need, if not, set an appointment and we will make your RV ready. You will have a generator that doesn't drown out the sounds of nature and pumps out the power even when driving in Las Vegas temperatures and in high altitudes.

Cummins Onan offers the widest lineup of RV generators in the industry, period. Featuring gasoline, LP and diesel units, only Cummins offers generators designed specifically for all motorized and towable RV applications - designed for quiet operation, compact configuration and easy servicing.

Our Top Services:

  • Generator Services
  • Repairs
  • Installation

Action RV Service located in Conroe, Texas just north of Houston is your certified Onan® Certified Service Center. You will be on the road right away!

Authorized Aqua-Hot Service

Aqua-Hot Heating Systems: Designed to Make Your Road Trips
Remarkably More Comfortable

The goal at Action RV Conroe is to surpass all others in providing superior performance and customer service to the Recreational Vehicle Industry.

Life on the road has its challenges. But life with an Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system isn't one of them. An Aqua-Hot heating system makes your beloved RV lifestyle remarkably more comfortable by offering a quiet system that produces even, moist, fume-free heat and continuous, on-demand hot water.

At its most basic level, Aqua-Hot hydronic heating uses tubing to run hot liquid into heat exchangers that disperse heated air into living areas. Coils, with potable water running through them, wrap around the boiler to transport hot water to faucets and appliances. A variety of heat sources are used depending on the system, but all use some combination of the vehicle's engine surplus heat, diesel fuel or propane and AC shore power.

Action RV Conroe Service Center is an authorized service center for Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating Systems.

Benefits of Having Aqua-Hot Heating

Just what do RV owners find so superior about their Aqua-Hot system? Why do most insist they’ll never buy another RV without one? It’s simple – Six Wonderful Comfort Zones!

      Even Heating – There are no hot or cold spots. Aqua-Hot heating systems are in-floor with multiple heat zones throughout your RV. Each heat zone, up to five, is equipped with a sensor. When a heat zone drops below the temperature you’ve set, the heat exchanger automatically circulates moist heat from floor to ceiling and side to side ensuring your entire living area remains a comfortable consistent temperature.
      Instant Hot Water – Hot water with zero recovery time. Water is pumped from your water supply through piping that is heated in your Aqua-Hot unit and then delivered to your faucets. As long as you have an endless supply of water, the on-demand system delivers all the hot water you need for shower after shower, laundry and dishes.
      Quiet Heating – System is whisper quiet when running. Warm air flows into your living area through quiet, gently circulating fans, leaving you to enjoy only the noise of nature, giving you the perfect environment for a nap or good night’s sleep. Plus, the gentle circulation keeps your interior air pressure even, preventing existing interior heat from being forced out and lost through cracks around the doors or windows.
      Fume Free Heating – Low emissions technology for odorless heat. Advanced, low emission technology virtually eliminates fuel odor for you and your neighbors. Noxious fumes have no place in your RV on in nature, so breathe free.
      Added value – Thousands of dollars of value added for resale. NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide (2013 edition) allows over $9k in value for an Aqua-Hot Heating System confirming an Aqua-Hot system to be a valuable addition to your coach or fifth wheel (2013-year models) when it comes time to sell and trade-up. Plus, some of our systems offer an engine preheat option, cutting down on your engine wear and tear which is certainly added value for resale.
      Service Centers – Factory trained & certified professionals to service your system Aqua-Hot has over 160 Factory Authorized Service Centers, including mobile service technicians located around North America – and here at Action RV Conroe Texas.

RV Air-Conditioner Service

Action RV is located in Conroe off I-45 North minutes from Houston, TX.

The goal at Action RV Conroe is to surpass all others in providing superior performance and customer service to the Recreational Vehicle Industry.

Action RV Conroe Texas is a full-service RV service center. We work on all types of recreational vehicles with a convenience drop-off and pick-up service. Whether your travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome needs an upgrade or had an “oops with the gas station curb”, we are here for you. Our work is backed by a warranty and a handshake. You will be satisfied when you depart Action RV.

RV Roof Repair Service

Do you need an RV roof repair due to a collision, tree damage or deteriorated rooftop sealant.

...remember that timely RV roof replacement is critical to preserve your coach’s interior. Ignoring or delaying your RV rubber roof repair or fiberglass roof repair can result in RV roof leaks that cause mildew, rot and other costly water damage in your sub-roof, ceiling, walls, floors and interior. That’s why scheduling your RV rubber roof replacement or fiberglass roof repair now can actually save you money over the long haul.

Action RV Service Center's professional, certified technicians have extensive experience in RV roof repair and RV roof replacement, and are proficient in working with both rubber and fiberglass roofs. RV rubber roof repair typically involves replacing the rubber membrane, sub-roof and sealant. We take the steps in the RV rubber roof replacement process for optimal results.

Roof Damage Repair:

  • Strip, Clean, Sealant & Reseal
  • We suggest don't skimp on an Annual Maintenance Inspection to keep your RV ready when you are ready to roll

As you might know RV Roof damage can happen from a low hanging tree, the Texas and Southern US heat to the cold temperatures in the north to leaving rubber RV roofs brittle, dried and sealants pulled away from the roofing material. Planning ahead is the best bet.

Towing Equipment & Brake Buddy

Go Where You Want -- Get the right Tow Bar Products

Blue OX Tow Bars Authorized Warranty Service Center from Action RV Conroe, Texas.Brake Buddy Authorized Warranty Service Center from Action RV Conroe, Texas.RVI Brake System3 is a portable, flat towing system for a car with an Audio Assistant through 30-second setup.


A motorhome may mean different things, but one thing we agree on is that it is the ultimate symbol of RVing freedom. With a motorhome, you can explore the countryside in true comfort, always just a few steps away from a hot shower and your own bed. But, when navigating narrow mountain passes or twisty campground roads, you’ve probably found that bigger is not always better. That’s where towing a dinghy behind your motorhome becomes advantageous. And although vehicle manufacturers have yet to engineer a plug-and-play setup directly from the factory, it’s never been easier to equip both dinghy and motorhome for road duty. To that end, the Motorhome Magazine Guide to Dinghy Towing provides a selection of informative articles and a listing of new vehicles designed to enhance the motorhome lifestyle. (excerpts from Dinghy Towing Guide)

Our certified technicians here at Action rv recommend Blue Ox products for your towing needs. Call today for a quote/appointment.

  • Blue Ox*
  • Brake Buddy*
  • Roadmaster Repair & Installations
  • RViBrake3


The Inventor and Leader in Towed Portable Braking™

Brake Buddy® is the inventor and leader in portable towed vehicle braking since 1996. Brake Buddy® started as a very simple mechanical device that allowed you to safely tow a vehicle behind a motorhome, pioneering an industry. Making the RV towing experience safe, simple and hassle-free has been our mission. Our complete product offering encompasses both portable and built-in braking options, delivering the greatest experience possible, so you can enjoy the adventures and freedom of the open road.

*Authorized Warranty Service Center


Welcome to RVibrake3. RV with confidence.

Action RV Conroe Service knows when is it time to hook-up and go, you are not ready for complications setting up dinghy towing. That's where RViBrake3 Towing System comes in. Come see us at Action RV, only minutes from Houston, for all your RV Service needs.

When it's GO time in your RV, you want a quick and effortless setup of your braking system. RVibrake3's Audio Assistant effortlessly guides you through the 30-second setup with confidence. Enjoy peace of mind like  never before with a new technology called Brake Lock Detection.

Finally...a flat towing braking system designed for you.

RV Water Damage Service

Water Damage can be the killer in your RV!

Water damage and slideout issues can be a killer in your RV! Action RV Service Center's professional team will evaluate, provide solutions and we accept extended warranties and insurance. Leveling Systems and Awnings can improve your overall satisfaction with your RV instantly.

Action RV Service Center will eliminate water damage from your RV. Leaks are the most common issue as your RV ages. However, water is quite crafty of finding its way into RVs, given time and the right conditions.

We recommend annual inspections and certainly before the traveling season. Be sure you won’t have a surprise on your next trip.

Water damages are more than a few water stains on the ceiling. RV Water damage is the hidden killer of all types. The usual spots found are under windows, inside cabinets, compartments and roof rot which bring a host of issues.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Stains
  • Delamination of fiberglass
  • Dark colored wood
  • Bumps & Bubbles in paneling

Catching any water issue early is the key to containing and repairing without too much of an issue. The longer the water has time to affect the wall and floor structure the harder it will be to find, contain and repair and the more costly it can become. Unsure, let’s schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

Action RV focuses on:

  • Wood Structure Repair
  • Panel Replacements

We hope you never have to experience the sinking feeling of discovering water damage in your RV. If it happens, call the Action RV Service Team. Our staff are seasoned, experienced & certified RV professionals.

Ms. Carmen Erickson, the owner of Action RV, has traveled fulltime in her RV and understands service. Yes, professional RV Service is what an RV owner wants and needs! She is committed to ongoing education, certification and training programs for all levels of staff. (read more)

View our service page for all types of services available at Action RV Service. We’re located north of Houston in Conroe Texas.

Complete RV Electric Services

Action RV is located in Conroe off I-45 North minutes from Houston, TX.

Action RV Service Center, Electrical services start with troubleshooting. All RVs are not created equal when it comes to the electric service system. Larger motorhomes with two or more A/C units have a 50AMP, 110 volt service. Many RVs require less if they only have one A/C unit, 30AMP service and smaller campers with one 15 or 20AMP service. Our team of certified professional RV Techs will run diagnostics to find any issues and get you rolling down the road again.

Our top services:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Converters
  • Transfer Switch
  • Battery Service
  • Inverters

Slide Repair & Seal Service

Action RV is located in Conroe off I-45 North minutes from Houston, TX.

Action RV Service Center is the master of RV slide-out repair and seal service. The start of RV slide operating well is an annual maintenance including the rubber seals for making contact to the RV wall. Let's start with an appointment for the best service.

The top manufacturers for RV slides:

  • Lippert Components
  • HWH*
  • Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out System
  • Power Glide

Schwintek by Lippert

Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out For years Lippert has been the industry leader in innovative, versatile In-Wall® Slide-Out technology, making cable slide-outs largely obsolete. Our customers loved the Schwintek system when we launched it more than 5 years ago, and today more than 70 brands carry the time-tested system


Power Glide used by Tiffin Motorhomes.

There's an art to engineering a motorhome, as elegantly demonstrated in the custom-built PowerGlide Chassis. Reflecting decades of Tiffin innovation, the PowerGlide delivers everything an owner could wish for – durability, reliability, performance, and control.

Contact Action RV located Conroe, Texas for service of your Glide Slide.

* Authorized Service Center

Whether your RV slide-out is above the floor or flush to the floor, we are your source for the repair done right. Find out more at Action!

RV Awnings Service & Installation

Action RV installs and services All Types of Awnings.

RV Awnings are the best way to enjoy your camping experience outside. The patio awning can protect you on a sunny day and give an extension to your RV the rest of the time. Awnings are available for slide-outs, over front doors and window options. We are an authorized distributor and service center for the top RV Awning Manufacturers.

RV Awnings are solutions for doors, windows, patios with options for types of fabric, hardware color choices and more.

  • Carefree of Colorado*
  • A&E Products*
  • Girard RV*

* Authorized Service Center

Action RV Center installs, repairs and will service your RV to get you back to the campground and enjoying the good life.

Action RV Full-Service Collision Center

Action RV is located in Conroe off I-45 North minutes from Houston, TX.

Action RV of Conroe Texas will provide you with the best estimate possible. We understand that when any type of damage occurs to someone’s RV, the incident has already been upsetting and stressful enough. We, in no way, have any intention of making matters worse by giving unrealistic estimates or completion time frames. Action RV Conroe has learned from experience that with collision repair, it is impossible to formulate an honest and accurate estimate over the phone or from pictures. It is our policy, after inspection of the RV, to give our most truthful estimate upfront and not lead our customers down a primrose path, only to supplement the original estimate with outrageous additional costs. That is not to say that there might not still be hidden damage that cannot be seen until the repairs are actually started.

It is our goal to keep the customer informed and not present them with an “over-estimate” invoice upon completion of the repairs.

Repairing an RV is not like repairing a car. A lot of parts are hard to find and new parts may not even be available depending on the year and manufacturer of the RV. We have found that, at times, the only way to restore certain parts, like compartment doors or panels is to repair them.


"Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest responsibility and source of pride!"

Action RV Conroe Texas • Service Center

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