"Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest responsibility and source of pride!"

Pete Butts,General Manager
Action RV Service Conroe

Charles "Pete" Butts, Jr., has been with Action RV Conroe since 2009. He was referred to us by one of our long-time customers. Just as our customer referrals prove to be our best, and only form of advertisement, this referral was better than any résumé that could have ever been provided. Pete was a real "find".

Pete's title on his business card states, "Everything Service". That was the best "title" that could have ever been designated for Pete. No truer words could have ever described him. He is proficient in all aspects of an RV, including electrical which is a very difficult trait to find. Should there be something Pete does not know off the top of his head, a customer can rest assured, he will compile research until he finds the answer. He never gives up.

As with any industry, repair news is not always what a customer wants to hear. However, our customers can be confident that Pete will give them fair and honest information. If there is something that a customer wants done that is simply not feasible, Pete is truthful and will not ask a customer to squander their hard-earned money on something that will not work. This is only one of the qualities that has earned Pete his impeccable reputation.

Pete has been in the service industry since 1986. He began his career in the RV industry in 2002. Pete holds RVDA/RVIA, Onan and Railroad Commission of Texas certifications.

Pete says he enjoys the RV industry because of the caliber of the customers. He also finds that within the RV public, he can usually find some outside interest that forms a bond with the customer. It is easier to understand and meet someone's expectations when you get to know a little about them.

I asked Pete, our "Everything Service" Manager, "What is one thing that you would like to share with a future customer?" His response which I always know will be heartfelt and honest was, "We are not perfect, but we DO care and that is a trait that is hard to find. If we fall short, we will do everything in our power to make things right."

In his well-deserved and very rare downtime, Pete enjoys spending time with family and engaging in stress reducing hobbies.

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